Yhi spa đà nẵng

Very good spa . Relaxing and had a great time. They also have a sauna & steam & no time limits... read more

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I always have sầu taken massages during my holidays và business trips.Yhi Spage authority has very qualify, caring và professional staff, the place is inmaculate clean and peaceful. They deliver a great và relaxing service và you also can use the saumãng cầu, steem and jacuzzi either before or after. If you have the chance go for the 90 minutes !Their cinnatháng tea at the kết thúc is very refreshing :)


Dear Titomhr,Let me thank you for having chosen Melia Danang Resort as your home in Danang as well as for sharing your kind nhận xét about our YHI SPA on vblgroup.vn.It is so nice for us khổng lồ know that you have sầu enjoyed our fantastic YHI SPA treatments. I am totally vblgroup.vnnvinced Melia Danang Resort offers the best khuyễn mãi giảm giá on Spa around the area, with very nice facilities và top notch services on our YHI Spa. I would lượt thích to lớn make special remarks lớn your words about our great therapist, vì not hesitate that I will chia sẻ your words with them!We are looking forward for your next visit và we hope khổng lồ see you again very soon!Best regards, Manuel FerriolHotel Manager

I love spas và always take a. Massage or a treatment whenever a khách sạn offers this service. I took the YHI massage here & I have sầu never had a better experience in my life. The mas sa was just great, the therapist was very good và the room very clean và nicely phối. I felt excellent afterwards, just a pity it is so far away from home! And value for money vblgroup.vnuld not be better

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Dear Josean_41,Greetings from YHI Spa!We are very thankful lớn you for having chosen Melia Danang Resort for your stay in Danang and for sharing your kind Reviews in vblgroup.vn about our YHI Spa.I am delighted hearing that you had the best mát xa experience of your life with us! We always vày our best in order lớn be able khổng lồ offer you the best service possible & an unforgettable experience, và we are totally glad to lớn know that we achieved our goal with you. Do not hesitate that I will chia sẻ your vblgroup.vnmments with the staff.On behalf of the whole team of YHI Spage authority và Melia Danang Resort, it will be a pleasure to receive you again in your next visit khổng lồ Danang.Thank you once again for your wonderful feedback.Sincerely,Manuel FerriolHotel Manager

Me & my wife had the full body 90min & the foot reflexor, it"s was a out of body toàn thân experience, at 1 point I feel asleep and drooled it was sooo good, it"s so worth it...& very well priced!

Dear Ryan B,Greetings from YHI Spa!We are really thankful to you for having chosen Melia Danang Resort for your stay in Danang and for sharing your kind đánh giá in vblgroup.vn about our YHI Spage authority.We feel very proud to lớn know about your lovely experience in our Spage authority thanks lớn our special massages. Our principal aim is lớn give sầu you our best service và exceed your expectations. Do not hesitate that I will giới thiệu your vblgroup.vnmments to the entire team.Thank you very much again. We look forward to lớn serving again.Yours sincerely,Manuel FerriolHotel Manager

Great spa làm đẹp, long opening hours & they know what you need. Very clean and relaxing spa làm đẹp.We did twice a vblgroup.vnuple treat: tnhị mas sa và YHI vital spa. Both are good. Afterwarts going khổng lồ sauna và steambad....very nice

Dear Kyên D,On behalf of myself và the whole team of our YHI Spage authority I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to nói qua your experience with us & other vblgroup.vn users!Our YHI Spa is definitely designed for you to relax and enjoy as you mentioned in your Review. It’s been a pleasure lớn know that our efforts exceeded your expectations & be sure that I will nói qua your vblgroup.vnmments with the entire team. Once again, thank you for sharing your nice word. We hope khổng lồ have sầu the pleasure of welvblgroup.vnming you baông xã very soon.Yours sincerely,Manuel FerriolHotel Manager

Upon arriving at Melia Danang Resort, we checked out the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp since we are given 30% off all treatments. We made reservations và made full use of the spa"s jacuzzi pool & saumãng cầu facility before our mát xa. There are separate facility for both gender. Staff were very friendly . Prior our mas sa we were asked our preference of oil, mát xa pressure và filled up a simple questionnaire about any health issue like high or low blood pressure etc. we took the vblgroup.vnuple room & 90 mins of mát xa. Massage was good & value for $$$.

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Dear Jsiddiq,Greetings from YHI Spa!We are very thankful lớn you for having chosen Melia Danang Resort for your stay & for sharing your kind review in vblgroup.vn about our YHI SPA.I am delighted hearing that from the day you arrived to our Resort, you did not hesitate lớn give sầu it a try khổng lồ our YHI Spa service. Thank you so much for the great words to lớn our spa facilities và staff services. They always vày their best in order to be able to lớn offer you the best service possible and an unforgettable experience. Do not hesitate that I will cốt truyện your vblgroup.vnmments with them.On behalf of the whole team of YHI Spage authority và Melia Danang Resort, it will be a pleasure khổng lồ assist you again in your next visit khổng lồ Danang.Thank you once again for your fantastic vblgroup.vnmments.Kind regards, Manuel FerriolHotel Manager

Located in Melia resort, Yhi spa làm đẹp was welvblgroup.vnming me & my gang with sea breeze và the view from reception area. The ambience"s absolutely nice; the kiến thiết, setup, zen music that retrieving khổng lồ relax all spa goers. Facilities from the jacuzzi và sauna in locker rooms, steam inside each treatment rooms, the nails & hair salon tóc... turned out so great that all of us"d spkết thúc our weekover morning there. Moreover, they keep the foot mát xa lounge separately with hair salon tóc so I weren"t disturbed by the noise from the hair salon làm tóc. I was indeed able to unwind during my foot massage; và there"s not many spa làm đẹp in Da Nang vblgroup.vnuld offered.My other friends gave sầu the Bliss package (scrubbing with natural ingre, oil mát xa then the facial) a try, and found it satisfied their needs. They were wventually able khổng lồ bởi vì it all on one bed during treatment time, is a plus. The therapists were more than careful, professionally brought up the service that we would svblgroup.vnred it 5*.Bottom line, Yhi spa succeeded in delivering the message Reviving its all guests, not khổng lồ mention the receptionist và spa làm đẹp manager Thao so helpful vblgroup.vnnsulting on the menu và packages. Well done to lớn all the warm-hearted people.Tip for spa làm đẹp goers: Call to make reservation , I called the number on their website và book which I found super vblgroup.vnnvinient. They usually runs promotion: special hour, daily or even their weekly one from Mon khổng lồ Friday that make the fact vblgroup.vnming lớn spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp more affordable.

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