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At the age of 17 Ly Le Tran joined the artist group Happy Girl under the Hong Kong tycoon Hoang Bach Minc and officially entered the film with the leading female role. Happy spirit (1984). The work gained a lot in terms of box office sales, a smooth start for a new artist like Ly Le Tran. Film series Happy spirit is also a lever for many famous artists of the future such as Le Tu, Vien Khiet Oanh và La My Vy (Thien Vuong Truong Huus wife).

In Final Victory, Ly Le Tran plays Me Me – the mibức xúc of the gangster brother (Tu Khac). Instead of her usual long hair, Ly Le Tran has short hair, but her face doesn’t chiến bại her innocence.

In 1992 she played in the drama modern times Produced by TVB, this was the work that stormed the television at that time.

Despite many possibilities & recognized capacities, Ly Le Tran absolutely cannot break through. Amuốn many contemporary beauties, Ly Le Tran blurs with the image of a pure virgin. In particular, their modest kích cỡ was somewhat unsuitable for the popular aesthetic eye of the time.

Although the company “cheats”, the height of Ly Le Tran is 165 centimet, but the actual kích cỡ is only about 155 centimet.

Lý Lệ Trân và the rare, discreet scene in Crazy Love.

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At the height of fame, Li Le Tran announced that he would no longer be in a high school film, but would instead turn to lớn singing but not responding. Until 1996, Li Le Tran again played the leading role in high school, relieved by the invitation to lớn film with attractive sầu remuneration. Ngoc Bo Doan Chi Ngoc Nu Tam Kinh & also the famous Shu Qi sản phẩm that was advertised at that time.

This is the last big piece of the film goddess Level 3 before her husband left the game in 1996.

Dear street obstacles, U50 is still married và her husbvà is “insatiable lustful”

Ly Le Trans’s love story never stopped consuming paper from the press. She married musician Hua Nguyen when she was 30 years old. They have sầu a daughter named Hua Ỷ Dung. The couple’s marriage quickly ended in 2000.

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Ly Le Tran is described in the book by Jacky Ma’s wife as a cheeky, insatiable woman.

This scandal is a big shoông xã to lớn Li Le Tran, who is depressed and has repeatedly written suicide letters to lớn relatives, but fortunately was discovered before it was too late.

Ly Le Tran và Phan Nguyen Luong reunited in 2008, but in the over, when the queen & queen found their final destination, Phan Nguyen Luong Ly Ly Tran actively gave up. Shortly thereafter, he married an actress 17 years younger.

Phan Nguim Lương và Lý Lệ Trân when they were together.

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According lớn many sources, Phan Nguyen Luong & Ly Le Tran broke up mainly because of the stepdaughter of Hua Ỷ Dung – Ly Le Tran. Although Phan Nguyen Luong took care of Xu Y Italy wholeheartedly, the two still couldn’t get along.

Ly Le Tran shared: “Before, Phan Nguyen Luong made a suggestion, but I was too hurt, so I wasn’t ready, although I always longed for a stable life & long-term affection. When I was done, he left. I am always an outcast. “.

Currently Ly Le Tran is no longer interested in love sầu, she spends more time with her daughter and friends và finds new hobbies khổng lồ make herself happy.

Source: http: //thoidaiplus.giad.NET.vn/anh-hau-met-ruoi-noi-tieng-nho-dong-phim-cap-ba-nhieu …Source: http://thoidaiplus.giad.NET.vn/anh-hau-met-ruoi-noi-tieng-nho-dong-phim-cap-ba-nhieu-lan-muon-chet-vi-dinh-phot- go-to-d243635.html

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