Get to know ft island minhwan"s wife and ex


Get To Know the ex-LABOUM thành viên, Yulhee

In 2018, the Korean entertainment industry got surprised by the news of FT Island’s Minhwan getting married. Did you know that Minhwan’s wife, Yulhee, used lớn be a thành viên of a girl group? Do you want to find out more about her? Today, will give you a rundown of everything about the ex-LABOUM thành viên who has now become a mother now, Yulhee. So stay tuned!

Full Profile & Facts of Yulhee


Name: Kyên Yul-hee

Stage name: Yulhee

Date of Birth: November 27th, 1997

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Blood type: O

Klặng Yul-hee, or usually known as Yulhee, is a former member of LABOUM who was born on November 27th, 1997, in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-vì chưng, South Korea. In her family, she is the oldest & she has a younger sister as well as a younger brother. She has two nicknames, “Yuls” & “Klặng Mochi.”

In LABOUM, she was the main dancer, rapper, vocalist, và the maknae of the group. She had appeared in U-KISS’ music videos for their songs titled “Standing Still” & “Inside of Me.” She also starred in one of Lyên Chang-jung’s music videos for his song titled “Open the Door.”

On September 22nd, 2017, it was confirmed that Yulhee is dating FT Island’s Minhwan. Less than a month after the announcement, Yulhee left LABOUM and finally held a wedding ceremony on October 19th, 2018. On May 18th, 2018, she gave birth khổng lồ a baby boy who she named Jaeyul.

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Debut as LABOUM Member


Yulhee made her debut in the entertainment world as a member of LABOUM bachồng in August năm trước. At that time, NH Media and Nega Network announced the upcoming debut of LABOUM, who had been training for four years. The group was touted as a sister group to lớn NH Media’s U-KISS & Nega Network’s Brown Eyed Girls.

On August 27th, 2014, LABOUM released the music video clip for their title traông chồng called “Pit-A-Pat” from their debut single album, Petit Macaron, that was released the following day. The song was written by Seo Ji-eum, known for writing many hit songs, such as f(x)’s “Electric Shock” and TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle.”

One month later, LABOUM announced that they would have a comeback with “Petit Macaron DATA PACK” a reworking of the traông chồng titled “What About You?” The group held the comebachồng performance on Music Bank & released the song’s music video clip in unison on October 31st, năm trước. Meanwhile, Petit Macaron DATA PACK was released later on November 3rd, năm trước.

Attracting Public Attention Through Fancam

While promoting as a thành viên of LABOUM, Yulhee gained the public’s attention for her voluptuous body! The fancam recording from an event that focused on Yulhee is the one that revealed that Yulhee actually has the ‘hottest body’ aao ước the members of LABOUM. Despite being the youngest in the group, her figure allowed her to have a cute as well as a sexy image on stage.

You can see one of the fancams that show her figure while performing one of LABOUM’s songs, “Shooting Love,” here:

Cover Dance Compilation

As it has been mentioned before, Yulhee was one of the main dancers while she was active sầu as a thành viên of LABOUM. It is not rare for her to cover one of many idols’ popular songs in a television program. For example, she had covered one of GOT7’s songs titled “Fly” in After School Club with fellow member Soyeon. You can see her cover dance of GOT7’s “Fly” here:

Not only that, but in the past, Yulhee had also made a cover dance of “Dancing Queen” and “Uh-ee” in Yaman TV. You can see the đoạn phim of her cover dance below:

Besides that, Yulhee also had a cover dance of f(x)’s “Four Walls” as well as one of A-Pink’s songs titled “Mr. Chu.” You can kiểm tra out her performance in the video below:

Lastly, in a recent episode of Happy Together, in which she starred as a guest, she performed a cover dance of Hwasa’s first solo tuy vậy titled “Twit.” You can see her performance in Happy Together here:

Leaving LABOUM


On November 3rd, 2017, it was announced that Yulhee had decided lớn leave sầu LABOUM. Because of this sudden news, the agency gave an official statement and apologized to lớn the fans of LABOUM. They also said that Yulhee had already mentioned several times khổng lồ the agency that she no longer wishes lớn work in the entertainment industry. After they held a long discussion, the agency finally decided that they will respect Yulhee’s wish & terminate her contract with the agency.

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After the news of her departure, Yulhee posted a handwritten letter on the group’s bạn coffe. In the letter, she apologized for her sudden departure news, and she also thanked the fans, her agency, và the other members for all the experiences & memories they have sầu shared together. She also asked for the fans khổng lồ always tư vấn LABOUM và her future even though not as LABOUM’S Yulhee, but as Kyên Yul-hee.

Love Story of Yulhee và Minhwan

First Meet and Dating


Do you want to know how Yulhee meet her husb&, Minhwan? In KBS’ talk show Happy Together, Yulhee revealed how she met Minhwan for the first time. She said that she first met Minhwan while promoting as a thành viên of LABOUM. At that time, she was greeting her seniors for the first time & saw Minhwan in the corner with a dark aura. While Minhwan was said that he didn’t seem interested, Yulhee couldn’t take her eyes off of hyên ổn.

After she forgot about him, two years later, an acquaintance mentioned Minhwan to her, which made the couple go on a blind date. After that, Minhwan confessed lớn her by asking, “Chubby, want khổng lồ be mine?” She also added that Chubby was his pet name for her and still calls her that until now.

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In the reality show Mr. House Husb&, the story was explained in a further detail in which before he confessed, Minhwan sent many messages lớn Yulhee và said things lượt thích “I suddenly miss you,” “I must really like you,” & “I think I’ve fallen so deeply for you.” Meanwhile, in Minhwan’s perspective, he said that he missed Yulhee so much while he was on tour in Japan & was worried that Yulhee will meet someone else. That’s why he decided lớn confess khổng lồ Yulhee.

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