Aquamarine spa 22965 lorain rd cleveland, oh hair salons

Lina is superb. She has done many facials for me & as many eyebrow threadings. I have always been completely satisfied. Her salon tóc is impeccably clean. Staff is friendly & competent. I keep going baông xã because it is a great place for toàn thân massages, facials và threading.

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Left walking on clouds, so glad I took the time khổng lồ visit my favorite spa làm đẹp for some well deserved self care. As always they go above sầu & beyond.
This was my first time to this location. Staff was GREAT, however, I wish they had a more comfortable & quiet place (there were other clients that were extremely loud while having their services performed) when doing eyelashes than where I was sitting. To have to sit in a hairdresser type chair is VERY uncomfortable for having khổng lồ lay baông xã and not move sầu for an hour. Other than that, I would definately go back!

The beauticians at Aquamarine Spage authority strive sầu to put their clients in the lap of beauty & wellness. Offering spa & beauty services that pamper from head lớn toe, they have their clients covered on anything from a facial through makeup to lớn massage. When performing facials, the salon"s beauticians deeply cleanse, exfoliate, & moisturize the skin while different mas sa modalities are bound lớn break up tight muscles & induce whole-toàn thân relaxation. Whatever the service, visitors can be sure they get here khổng lồ revitalize on the outside và inside alượt thích.

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